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Performing Procedure Of Venipuncture In Chula Vista

Venipuncture is a process of collecting blood from intravenous taken as a blood sample for the purpose of testing in labs. Venipuncture may also be done to remove extra red blood cells from your blood, and also to treat certain blood disorders.

How the Test is Performed:

An elastic band is fasten around the upper arm of your body to apply pressure to that particular area so that the vein swell with blood. Most of the time, blood is drawn from a vein located inside of the elbow or the back of your hand.

Now the needle is inserted to your vein to take blood from a vein. The blood collects into an airtight container attached to the needle.The elastic band is now removed from your arm. The needle is taken out and the spot is covered with a bandage to stop bleeding and then sends to laboratory for testing.

In infants or young children,it’s little different a sharp tool called a lancet may be used to puncture or hit the skin and make it doing this the blood gets collects onto a slide and send for testing. A bandage is fasten over the needle inserted area if there is any bleeding.

Venipuncture requires good knowledge,skills and past experience in order to perform the procedure correctly and painfree. If these procedures is not done by the expert then doctor then there are many risks associated with that.

So here Family medicine doctor Toledo will help in performing venipuncture in Chula Vista with his so many years of past experience,knowledge and expertise. He is well known family medicine practitioners since last so many years and treated a lot of patients at his own level.

Venipuncture which may include following risks

  • excessive bleeding,
  • feeling light-headed,
  • fainting,
  • nerve damage,
  • hematoma and
  • Blood accumulation under the skin or infection